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About Us

"Working with Joseph Dixon is having a profound impact in my life. Joseph provides solid and creative support for me and what I want to see growing and coming to fruition in my life.  Joseph is thoughtful and caring, and inspires me to find new approaches and solutions to obstacles, fears, and blockages."

Writer, Event Planner


About the Founder: Joseph Dixon, MBA, The Tuck School at Dartmouth

My journey to coaching began as an external consultant working with a small team to find a way to turn around a highly unprofitable division of a Fortune 50 company.  I'd received a MBA from Dartmouth College and was a manager at a top-tier consulting firm.

I felt the tug between my desire to have my company look like the experts we claimed to be, and to my equally strong desire to help encourage the internal folks to realize that they already had their own answers.  The mindset of encouragement and empowerment (or coaching as it was later to be called) was radically different from the culture of consultant as keeper of the knowledge approach that was the strongly held philosophy of my firm at the time. I realized our need to be perceived as experts was preventing us from delivering the level of impact that this division needed to survive. 

At the same time I was struggling with conflicting intentions in my professional life.  I continually was struggling between doing the right thing from an internal political perspective, and listening to my own heart.  I felt caught in the trap of trying to please all the players and in the end pleasing nobody.


I was given a copy of Steven Covey's then new book, "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People."  Unlike many books I'd read up until that time, I decided to actually do the exercises, instead of merely skimming them for high level understanding.

The exercise that affected me most was developing a personal mission statement.  The statement I developed for myself was to "To live with integrity and to continually grow"

As a result of this exercise, I began to remember critical decisions in my life.  My overriding concern at those junctures had been to please others versus honoring my own sense of integrity.  I saw how my life might have shifted for the better by making decisions from a different intention. As a result of this series of insights, I developed the courage to live my life from this new intention.

I took this newfound courage to my professional life.  I left traditional consulting and now work in partnership with business leaders as a coach to help them tap their creative powers to take their business, professional and personal lives to the next level.

I honor my heart, working with business leaders that do the same.




In 2006, I met Sophie Caballero, my future wife. Sophie was born in Paris and has lived in Italy most of her adult life. She is a gifted health facilitator who has helped me deepen my understanding of health and wellness. To find out more about her work, go to her


We have blended our families (Sophie’s 15 year-old son, Nikolai and my two  college-age children, Mary and David) and deeply support  each other on many levels.



You may be wondering why I carry a basketball into business meetings, coaching sessions and speaking events.   I played High School and College basketball in Indiana  I loved the game and despite a very average High School career, I came into my own as a player in college at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN and found myself starting as a sophomore and being voted MVP my senior year.  I attribute this to my coach.

The Power of a Coach. My sophomore year we did not win a single road game. We were a very poorly functioning team.  Prior to my junior year, a young, aggressive coach, Mike Steele, was hired.  My junior year we became the most improved team in the school's history.  My senior year we achieved the then-best record in the school's history.  The year after I graduated, he took the team to the Final 4 of Division III basketball.

Experiencing what a coach can do both for a team and for the individual team members has helped me further understand the power of a coach.  As Coach Steele helped us see what was possible, we did what others thought was impossible.

For me, basketball has always been something I did for pure enjoyment.   When I bring a basketball into a business meeting, I do it to remind everyone (myself included) that fun is always just a bounce-pass away.   When people are having fun, their thinking expands and what seemed impossible, becomes possible.

When you've got the ball in a basketball game, you are propelled into action.  You must do something, either pass, dribble or shoot. When I pass you the ball in a coaching session, I'm also propelling you into action.  I'm encouraging you to take risks, try new approaches, learn and get better.

Are you ready for the ball?

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