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Who We Serve

"The small business that my husband and I own, became a more fun, profitable, and flourishing place to work."
Chief Operating Officer:  Manufacturing Company 

Our Clients

We work with Business Owners, Senior Executives, Corporate Sustainability Leaders and Six Sigma Leaders nation-wide.
  We awaken the championship level of confidence and action- oriented leadership necessary for professional and personal success.

While our clients come from many industries and functions, they have one thing in common: they realize the results they are seeing in their professional and personal lives are not consistent with their talents and ambitions.

The Challenge

If you're like many of our clients, you might be facing one of these kinds of issues:
  • Frustration and fear are thwarting your efforts at starting your new business;
  • Slow or no growth in securing new clients;
  • Challenges with taking on a major new project, either business or personal.
  • Difficulties with managing people, projects, or time.
  • Out-of-balance work and personal life.
Our Ideal Client 

Clients will be most successful in working with us if they:
  • Have aspirations that motivate them;
  • Are committed to work to make their aspirations happen;
  • Are honest with themselves and their coach;
  • Realize that different results may require a different approach; and
  • Are open to learning a better way often coming from within themselves.
Anything important is worth working towards. Being committed to your goal, and doing the work required to achieve your goal, will get you to a winning game quickly.
At On-The-Court Coaching, we are about coaching for excellence. If you have that inspiration for another level of success and want additional tools for new challenges, we can help.
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