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Sustainability Leadership
Six Sigma Leadership Forum
Business Coaching
Operational Excellence Leadership Forum - Atlanta

"Benchmarking is only useful in this sort of setting, which permits discussion and questions!"
Andrew Downard, Director, Lean/Sigma Rubbermaid

Jaap Lamme, Quality Systems Leader, GE Energy

Paul Beach, Director of Continuous Improvement at NAPA Rayloc

 Eric Hughes, Six Sigma Deployment Leader, QBE First

Our mission is to have participants be in a better position to take informed, decisive action by providing unique, private forums in which Lean/Six Sigma Leaders of Global Atlanta companies can collaborate on critical Lean/Six Sigma implementation challenges, aided by access to top-notch speakers.
Participant Companies


Participation is limited to active Six Sigma Deployment Champions (or their organizational equivalents), from leading global corporations, located in and around the Atlanta area, includes only non-competing corporations..  
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