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Our Approach

"I find Joseph to be a very creative thinker who stimulates me to think about my business in different ways and to see new possibilities for growth and expansion."
Author, Workshop Leader

Often, we think of coaching as improving deficiencies or flaws. We don't think of coaching in this way. Instead, On-The-Court coaching is about going to your strengths to be more successful. 

What is On-The-Court  Coaching?

On-The-Court Coaching is about understanding where you are, where you want to go, and the things you have to do to get there.

This involves getting On-The-Court through action-learning and working in partnership. By combining a coach's observations with your expertise, better results happen faster. The coaching experience is structured to bring about effective action, performance improvement, and personal growth.

We don't believe that success can be derived from a single event or seminar. Success results from an ongoing individual process that requires support. On-The-Court Coaching provides that support and feedback, customized to fit your current challenges and goals.

What Process Can I Expect From On-The-Court Coaching?

I suggest all prospective clients schedule a Sample Coaching Session.  This is an good opportunity for both of us to discover if I am the right coach for you. 
All new On-The-Court clients begin with a 2.5 hour Design Session, where we set high-level goals and co-create the approach to coaching that works best for you

Next, we schedule a series of in-person and/or phone-based coaching sessions (typically 2-3 times a month for 45 minutes to 1 hr 15 minutes)  to co-create the results we identified in the Design Session.  We use a combination of email, laser phone check-ins, and other methods to move forward an aggressive schedule. 
All successful efforts begin with intense focus, and as a result, we put a strong emphasis on generating strong positive results during the first month of our work together.
Typically, clients engage for a three-month initial term.  My committment to all clients is that after the first month of our work together,if you do not see results well in excess of your investment, I refund your coaching investment. 

What Results You Can Expect from being On-The-Court?
You can expect:

  • Business results in the form of more customers, and better customer relations;
  • An objective, confidential sounding board against which to bounce ideas, test out your thinking, and look at your assumptions;
  • To learn how to promote teamwork;
  • Greater focus, resulting in faster goal achievement
  • Improved ability to prioritize and more time to focus on what's important; and
  • Increased  adaptability as you evolve new ways of thinking and behaving
Now that you've learned more about kind of results On-The-Court Coaching produces in working with our clients, click Our Servicesto learn more about our specific offerings.
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